arthritis in toledo, OH

The word ‘arthritis’ means inflammation of the joint. There are many types of arthritis that can cause inflammation, and in spite of common belief that it is an age-related problem, arthritic conditions can occur at any age, and can affect different regions of the body. It can also cause damage to bones and joints and in some rarer cases it can affect the soft tissues, ligaments, heart valves and even the lungs. Arthritis sufferers are often on a longterm regime of daily painkillers. This not only reduces the drug’s effectiveness of relieving pain after a while, but also comes with side-effects, some of which are serious. Regular, longterm use of anti-inflammatory drugs can cause stomach problems and can reduce the body’s ability to heal. In osteoarthritis the ability to heal cartilage is lessened also. Auto-immune disorders have no known cure, however, Chiropractic offers a natural treatment without the use of drugs, and with no side-effects and has been proven in multiple studies to offer relief from pain. Chiropractic can also increase nerve supply and circulation to joints, promoting healing at a deeper level.

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